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               Craftsmanship to build the valve 

              ABOUT US

              Shanghai Shangfa Valve Manufacturing Group is a collection of manufacturing, research and development, sales, service in one of the valve enterprises.The headquarters is close to hongqiao business district and only 10 minutes' drive from hongqiao airport and hongqiao railway station.Superior geographical location, convenient transportation.

              Our main products are butterfly valve, gate valve, ball valve, globe valve, check valve, hydraulic control valve, diaphragm valve, regulating valve, API valve and power station valve.The sealing materials are rubber, fluoroplastics, stainless steel, hard alloy steel, etc.The connection forms include internal thread, flange, clamp, clamp sleeve, welding, etc.Pressure from 0.1~32.0Mpa, diameter of 15~3500mm;Operation forms are manual, electric, hydraulic control, pneumatic, pneumatic and worm gear transmission and other forms.





              CONTACT US Professional team at your service

              Contact us  
              0086 021-69755272
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